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Calypso Horseland profile

Calypso, is Molly's horse, is soulful and kind, her best friend is Button and she understands very well, and is very nice.


Calypso is a beautiful bay blanket appaloosa with pink highlights in her mane and tail. She also has four white socks on all four of her legs, and has brown eyes and black

hooves. She is amiable, laid back, affectionate, and a little slow. She loves Molly and trusts her a lot. When she learns something once, she's learned it for life. She speaks with a Jamaican accent. Her symbol is a pink heart, representing love.

Her tack is pink just like her highlights. Her tack consists of her saddle, saddle bag, bridle, and blanket. She has a silver triangle bridle ring, saddle ring, stirrups, and bit.

She gets along nicely with every horse (with the exception of the Stilton's horses), being very friendly with new horses. She does not get along with Pepper ( Zoey's Horse) as seen when she fat shamed Pepper in “Added Weight.”