Candy Cane belongs to Teresha and is Cotton Candy's best friend.

History Edit

Candy Cane was born on a farm.Her father was unknown and her passed on at birth from illness.Since then,she helped the community.She started off by giving kids rides,from walking to trotting,slow to fast,depending how old they are and if they like horses.Everytime December came,she gave orphans rides and gifts.She was like their own Santa.Some years later,she gets adopted by Teresha,a community helper.

Personality Edit

Candy Cane is a perky mare who is always on the bright side.She loves to help the community with her owner,Teresha.She not really the racehorse kind but trained alongside of them.She's rarely seen upset,always happy.Though she and Teresha aren't from Africa(well,Teresha's grandma is so I guess it's in her blood),they know many African dances.

Apperance Edit

She has a pure white coat with a wavey red and green mane.She has ice blue eyes and her stall at Horseland says,"Community Helper". When she's working,her saddle says,"Community Helper". When she goes with Teresha to African dances(outside of course),she usally wears something Aficans do.

Family Edit


Cotton Candy-best friend

Megan-best friend(orphan)


Sugar Quill-daughter


Trivia Edit

+Her name was suppose to be Sugar Quill

+She was meant to be Cotton Candy's enemy and Chili's mate

+She wasn't meant to be perky and happy

+She was meant to be a racehorse

+She named her son after a friend

Voice Actress Edit

Adult:Cherilie from My Little Pony

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