Introduction and Description Edit

Richie from horseland

He has skin that looks like Alma's and he wears glasses and wears a blue scorpion shirt and blak and white plaid shorts. Richie Dunn is a character introduced in the 17th season of the original Horseland series. Richie's introduction into Horseland begins with Richie signing a few Bartzballs outside of his home, surrounded by his adoring fans. At the Bartzball Stadium, a huge monster by the name of Bad appears and destroys the city, sending Richie to the shores of Horseland. When he awoke after appearing in Horseland, one of the characters, Wakko, calls out to him with his famous line: "Hey! Are you alright?".

Richie is often regarded as the main character of season 17, although some experts would say it was Yoona, a female character also introduced in that season.

His horse's name is Caladbolg.

Trivia Edit

  • Upon paying close attention, one would notice that the scorpion on Richie's blue shirt is in a different position on every episode
    • The position is only the same on episodes 2 and 81
  • Richie is capable of dealing more damage in a single turn than any other character; with his ultimate attack, Bartz Ace, he is able to deal 99,999 damage nine times.