Zoey Stilton is a 13 year old girl and the younger twin sister of Chloe Stilton. Her horse is Pepper. Zoey comes from a rich family.  She is shown to be very mean to the other riders, excluding Will, but shares Chloe's crush on Bailey. She is especially fond of clothes and makeup. Like her twin sister Chloe, she is very confident. She is talented in cross country and competitive as is Chloe, though they still support each other when necessary. She is also the leader of the cross country team. Zoey and Pepper are also great racers.

She is very shallow and unsympathetic to other people's feelings. In "The Bluebird of Happiness", she has many mood swings and is oblivious to her sister wanting to make their Mom's birthday special by picking her own flowers rather than buying them. She fails to notice poison oak in the bouquet. However, she rescues a bluebird named Benny from a hawk and cares for him, but later she declines to set him free and almost gives him to her mother as a gift. Zoey is allergic to wasp stings and her, along with Chloe hate country music.

Zoey has dark green eyes, wavy, red hair, and freckles. She is mostly kind to her sister and especially rude to Nani. She has a cell phone and even a credit card just like Chloe. She got extremely mad when her dad un-activated her credit card, along with Chloe. Her horse Pepper is the lead mare at Horseland. She is a Gemini.